This page was created to communicate and clarify information regarding the Richard family of Dorchester, Mass. in the aftermath of the 4/15/2013 events in Boston.

Information posted here has come from the family.


Media should direct inquiries to family spokesman Larry Marchese at:

lmarchese [at] legionthirteen.com


New posts will be announced via twitter.com/LarryMarchese


May 23, 2013 - Richard Family statement regarding Jane

We are pleased to share news that Jane was discharged from Boston Children’s Hospital this morning.  She was hospitalized in the ICU there for 39 days, during which time she underwent 12 surgeries.  Today Jane is in good spirits and looking forward to beginning the next phase of her recovery.  We all shared very emotional goodbyes with the doctors, nurses and staff at Children’s, who have taken such good care of not only Jane, but all of us.

Jane was transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where she will undergo rehab to regain her strength, balance and stamina.  Jane and her body will ultimately dictate the timeline for her stay at Spaulding.  Jane’s stay will serve as a bridge to what will be the “new normal” for Jane and our family going forward. 

While we remain devastated over Martin’s death and all that has happened to us, Jane’s determination for getting better is an inspiring source of strength for the entire family.  We will also be moving from the Longwood Medical Area to accommodations that allow us to remain close to Jane. 

Finally, we want friends in our community to know that a Mass will be offered in Martin’s memory on June 9, 2013, which would have been his 9th birthday.  It will be the 10:30 AM “Family Mass” at Saint Ann Church in Dorchester. 

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